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Last updated 14 Dec 2023
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Juniors U13-U17

Rockville Rovers Football Club enters 'Youth' aged teams into the Football Queensland Darling Downs Competition. These age groups are competitive with a competition ladder & finals. Trials are conducted for this age group and your child will be placed in either a 'Junior League' (Higher Division) or 'Division 1 (Lower Division) team. 

Our priority for this age group is skill development, enjoyment of the game, meet new friends and compete against similarly skilled players. Players in these teams are on a pathway toward our FQPL U23 team, so it's important they become familiar with and commit to the club's playing principles and style.

The season will start on Saturday 4th March and will run through until September (when finals are held) with the exception of the school holiday periods. That means you commit to approximately 20 matches and 50 training sessions per team. Registration should be completed in January to allow our club administrators enough time for team placements in February.

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