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Last updated 14 Dec 2023
Bernard Bernie 1Closed
Bernard Bernie 2Closed
Bernard Bernie 3Closed
Captain Cook 1Open
Captain Cook 2Open
Des McGovernClosed
Duncan Thompson 1Closed
Duncan Thompson 2Closed
Judith Percy 1Closed
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Lindsay Thorpe 1Closed
Lindsay Thorpe 2Closed
Lindsay Thorpe 3Closed
Lindsay Thorpe 4Closed
Lindsay Thorpe 5Closed

Coaches & Volunteers 2024

Coaches & Volunteers 2024

Registration closes in 12 days

Event Dates

StartMonday 1 January 2024

FinishMonday 2 September 2024

Registration Dates

OpenThursday 14 December 2023

CloseSunday 30 June 2024

Register NowTerms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  • -By completing the registration process, you are accepting the Club Code of Conduct & Terms and Conditions

    -Registering players agree to abide by The Laws of the Game of Football as governed by FIFA and Football Queensland By Laws.

    -Players Acknowledge that Football Queensland holds an insurance policy as shown on the Football Queensland website to cover your child as a player, however you can take out further additional cover if required.

    -You understand that photos of you or your child may be taken for RRFC or affiliated Club promotional material or websites. If you wish for your or your child's photo not to be taken, please inform Rockville Rovers via email.

    -If your child is turning 5 in the current season you understand they will be playing in an U6 competition.

    -You declare the information you have provided is true and accurate. You also understand that any wilful dishonesty may render refusal of registration.

    - You have read and agree to the Code of Conduct

    -You will assist with team duties as rostered & assist in fundraising activities from time to time.

    - Individual & Team fines from Football Queensland will be forwarded onto the player/team involved.

    - A player MUST be registered, and a player record exist for every active player. If a player is not registered and appropriate payment made, they will not be insured to train or play.

    -Online payment via Squadi is the only payment method.

    -Individual & Team fines from Football Queensland will be forwarded onto the player/team involved.